Byline: Emelie Asplund


About Jenny Berggren

Jenny Berggren, lead singer of the internationally renowned swedish pop group ACE OF BASE and now solo artist, looked into the face of success rather suddenly at the age of 19.

The group’s first two released songs All That She Wants and Wheel Of Fortune coupled in the number one and number two spots on the danish sale charts before a single publicity photo had ever been snapped of Ace of Base.

The band’s album The Sign skyrocketed to the top of worldwide music charts in the early nineties, now selling over 25 million copies and making it the all-time most selling debut album ever—a title unsurpassed to this day. The album’s success even raked in more revenue for sweden that year than the country’s signature auto company, Volvo.

“Meeting the top of the world in music is very challenging in a good way, but to the way to that success i always kept in mind that i will meet the same people on the way down,” Jenny says.

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